What games do you play?

We want to know what games you play!

EVGA is constantly striving to give back to our community. One of the ways we do is provide dedicated servers over at EVGA Gaming. Computer games are a large part of what we do well, thanks to NVIDIA's amazing graphics cards. So we can keep on planning game events and opening up new servers, we need to know what types of games you play.

Want an Intel Core i7 980X? We thought so...

We are giving away one Intel Core i7 980X randomly to one lucky participant in this questionnaire. All you have to do to qualify for the prize is be a member with EVGA, signup is simple, then fill out the form below. This contest is global, any EVGA member can win. We will leave the entries open for 30 days, after that we will announce the winner here on this page. We will then use this information to make our gaming community even better!

Thank you to everyone that participated!

Winner of Intel i7 980X: caryfarr

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