Compromise Nothing

Compromise Nothing

EVGA P67 Motherboard EVGA P67 FTW Motherboard

Introducing the EVGA P67 lineup! Supporting Intel Socket 1155 processors, these motherboards offer incredible performance with Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors. Get ready to experience the next generation of Intel Turbo Boost Technology which delivers intelligent computing by optimizing performance on the fly!

It doesn’t just stop at performance though, the EVGA P67 lineup has full support for SATA III/6G and USB 3.0 giving you the latest standards in high performance computing, and a forward thinking true next generation motherboard layout means nothing is compromised.

"With the EVGA P67 SLI, EVGA further proves its dedication to providing exactly what the performance user demands," said Bob Klase, VP of Sales at EVGA. "This 2nd generation Intel® architecture offers faster and smarter performance!"

"We are pleased that EVGA continues to deliver innovative solutions supporting the performance enthusiast & gaming PC segments," said Steve R. Peterson, director of desktop chipset & strategic marketing at Intel Corporation. "With their new Intel® P67 chipset based motherboards, featuring support for Intel's new 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ microprocessors, including multi-GPU support, this platform will deliver great performance, flexibility and value to those overclockers, gamers & media enthusiasts that demand blazing speed & uncommon responsiveness from their desktop PC."

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EVGA P67 FTW Key Features

EVGA P67 Features:

  • Bonus Storage (P67 FTW)
    Integrated Flash Storage
    Use as storage, swap file, anything!
  • 12 Phase PWM (P67 FTW)
    Pulse Width Modulator
    Cleanest possible variable power switching
  • EVGA Vdroop Control
    What you see is what you get
    Set your voltage in the BIOS and this is what you will get under load booted in your OS
  • EVGA Dummy OC
    Overclock at the touch of a button
    Automatically overclock your system with one simple setting in the BIOS
  • EVGA E-LEET Tuning Utility
    Overclock your motherboard from inside your OS
    Use E-LEET to test your OC settings without having to constantly restart into your BIOS
  • EVGA EZ Voltages read points
    Simple voltage points
    Easily read voltage levels using a voltmeter with several dedicated read points
  • Onboard Clear CMOS, Power and Reset Buttons
    System essentials at the touch of a button
    Troubleshooting and bench booting are simple with these controls
  • 300% More Socket Gold + Low ESR/ESL Film Cap (P67 FTW)
    Socket bling
    The highest quality materials means you will get the absolute cleanest power to the CPU
  • Onboard CPU Temp Monitor
    Monitor your temps quickly and easily
    Accurately and instantly see your CPU temperature once your system has completed POST without any other software.
  • Passive Chipset Heatsink
    No fans: lower noise and longer lifespan
    More than enough cooling wattage to keep those chips well within specs
  • Triple BIOS Support (P67 FTW)
    Backup, compare and more!
    No matter what you do to one BIOS, you will always have two more backups instantly available
  • Solid State Capacitors
    Higher quality, longer lifespan
    These high quality 100% solid state capacitors will just keep going and going
  • EVGA ECP Support
    External debugging
    You never again have to open your case to see your debug code, disable PCIe jumpers and overclocking options too
  • PCIe Disable Jumpers (P67 FTW)
    Instantly troubleshoot
    Test a multi-card system instantly and water cooling systems without having to disassemble the loop
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