Custom PC & Bit-tech Awards 2013
Winner - Graphics Cards

"EVGA has been a stalwart of NVIDIA graphics partners for many years, with it known for churning out some of the most premium and non-more-black cards on the planet, so it was no surprise to find it high up in our reader poll."

Bit-tech, MAY 2013
Custom PC (Issue 118)


EVGA Voted #1 for Best NVIDIA Graphics Partner in the Custom PC & Bit-tech Awards 2013

EVGA has won the prestigious Custom PC & Bit-tech Award 2013 for "BEST NVIDIA Graphics Partner". The awards are voted by the readers of Custom PC magazine in the UK and online publication Bit-tech ( ). Congratulations also go to Scan who won for Best PC Manufacturer, and Overclockers UK who picked up the award for Best Retailer.

You can find out about all the winners here:

What Custom PC and Bit-tech stated to readers ahead of the Awards voting

"Every single one of the 16 categories in the Custom PC and Bit-Tech 2013 Awards is decided by you [the readers]. From cases and coolers to PC games and peripherals, you’ll get to have your say on just about everything that matters to a PC gamer and modder."

"Awards are handed out to manufacturers rather than individual products so in your deliberation think about how the company has approached the market, how supportive it has been, and of course whether it has had some cracking products too."

Custom PC & Bit-tech Awards 2013

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