Are you an avid PC gamer? Looking for a fun part-time or full-time opportunity to help rest of the European EVGA Community? Looking for a great opportunity in the technical field? EVGA is renowned for its customer support and community. If you feel you have something to bring to EVGA's technical support or community, please fill out the form below so we can get to know you.

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VOIP is working from home part or full-time over your internet connection. Forum Moderator is a moderator for EVGA's global forums, and is a volunteer position.

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How many years have you worked with computer hardware?

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What was the hardest issue that you have been confronted with while fixing a computer?

How comfortable do you feel when assisting others with their computer problems?

How well do you work with others in a team environment?

What would you tell someone if they called you and stating that their system goes to a black screen after loading windows 7 with their new video card? What steps would you take them through to troubleshoot the error?

How would you set up an SLI system?

What would cause a motherboard to turn on but not post or beep? What steps would you take the customer through to check for installation problems?

What is the most important component to you when building a gaming computer system and why is it the most important component?

Do you have experience with raid configurations and/or liquid cooling configurations? If so what was the hardest issue that you had to troubleshoot with either?