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  • Toms hardware

    EVGA X99 Micro

    Toms hardware Approved - Toms hardware

    "To get that high memory bandwidth, we first need to find a high data rate. EVGA’s X99 Micro helps us by outputting near-perfe..."

    Read the Full Article  Oct 2014

  • LAN OC

    EVGA X99 Classified

    LAN OC Recommedned - LAN OC

    "EVGA does things their own way and I absolutely love that. The rest of the market seems to play follow the leader imitating a..."

    Read the Full Article  Sep 2014

  • Overclockers.com

    EVGA Z97 Classified

    Approved - Overclockers.com

    "From aesthetics to performance, EVGA seems to have checked all the right boxes with the Z97 Classified."

    Read the Full Article  Jun 2014

  • TechPowerUp

    EVGA GeForce GTX 970 Superclocked ACX 2.0

    Editor's Choice - TechPowerUp

    "Overclocking our sample worked extremely well, reaching the highest clocks in our GTX 970 test group. Memory topped out at be..."

    Read the Full Article  Sep 2014


    EVGA X99 Micro

    Performance - HEXUS

    "Scan’s 3XS X99 Micro is the fastest Micro-ATX PC we’ve seen... [this] system tears through CPU benchmarks and delivers ultra-..."

    Read the Full Article  Aug 2014

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