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Special Queue 3.0 Notice:

All queue released products starting Jan 2022 will follow Queue 3.0. This does not affect your previous Queue position. Learn more about Queue 3.0 at As with the previous Queue implementation, going into queue does not guarantee that your notify order will be fulfilled. While supplies last.

Special EVGA 30 Series Notify System (10/4/2021) Notice:

Update 10/4/2021:

In an effort to expedite those in queue who are still waiting for a EVGA GeForce RTX 30 Series Card, and to be fair to all EVGA customers, we are making a running change:

1. Accounts that have NOT purchased an EVGA 30 series card yet as part of the queue will be prioritized.
2. Accounts that have already purchased an EVGA 30 series card in the queue system, will be behind those who have not.

Notes: B-Stock (RX) or Step-Up 30 Series products will not affect queue positions.

We hope that this update will allow more gamers to get their hands on an EVGA GeForce RTX 30 series card. If there are any questions please contact our support at

Due to high demand, the notify queue sign-up is temporarily disabled. If you have a current queue position, EVGA will continue to process as stock is available. Notifications will be sent on a first come, first served basis. The EVGA 30 Series Notify System does not guarantee that your notify order will be fulfilled. While supplies last.

Please note that you have 20 hours to place your order, otherwise the product will be released back into queue system.

EVGA ELITE Members have 24hr early access to join the queue on all newly launched hardware. Join ELITE Member Program here.

NOTE: Email address that was used for the notify system MUST MATCH an email that has a registered EVGA account, if an account is not available with that email, you will need to create one before you can purchase. To view the notifies you have selected and if an email has sent, please visit the My Notifies page here.

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