Our award winning lineup of Intel based motherboards offer unique features and are built for the enthusiast.

EVGA motherboards are engineered using the latest technology to put performance in your hands to create the results you demand:

  • Multi-layer PCBs
  • 100% Solid-State Capacitors*
  • Higher CPU Socket Gold Content
  • Modern Storage and Expansion Support
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EVGA motherboards are designed and tested to find the perfect balance of raw power and iron-clad stability. The EVGA motherboard lineup includes boards for die-hard gamers, hardcore overclocking, enterprise clients, and HTPCs. These boards feature:

  • Highly-Efficient and Clean Power
  • Passively-Cooled Chipset and VRM
  • SLI and PhysX™ Support*
  • Premium Audio and Networking options*
  • Onboard Power, Reset, Clear CMOS Buttons*
  • Debug and CPU Temperature LED*
  • EVGA E-LEET X Overclocking and Monitoring Support

Intel Optane Memory Ready

Be fully prepared when Intel unleashes its latest storage solutions using its groundbreaking 3D XPoint architecture.*

U.2 Support

Next generation storage interface supports up to 32Gb/s of bandwidth.

High Gold Content

Higher volume of precious metal used in the sockets greatly improves the conductivity and produces a cleaner signal due to less resistance / impedance.

M.2 Support

M.2 slots support several devices, including NVMe SSDs, WiFi, and Bluetooth cards. EVGA motherboards come with a variety of Key-E and Key-M slots to allow for flexibility.*

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* On select motherboards