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EVGA and graphics cards go hand in hand. EVGA is the #1 NVIDIA Authorized Board Partner in the US and for good reason. Our full line of graphics cards offer unmatched performance, features and cooling.


The new EVGA GeForce GTX 10 Series is powered by the next generation NVIDIA Pascal architecture – including the Ultimate GeForce: GTX 1080 Ti – giving you incredible performance, unmatched power efficiency and unbelievable features.

EVGA iCX Technology

EVGA's patented iCX is a revolutionary cooling solution that makes Everything Detected and utilizes Interactive Cooling to ensure Peace of Mind Gaming. Traditionally, graphics cards are built to cool based on GPU temperature. With today's graphics cards using less and less power, however, hotspots around other components have the potential to leave a chilling effect on your gaming session. To combat this, EVGA created iCX.

iCX is split into iCX Cooling and iCX Technology. Select EVGA GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards feature iCX Cooling, while other select models feature both iCX Cooling and iCX Technology. For a full explanation of EVGA iCX, please go here: https://www.evga.com/articles/01084/

iCX Cooling

EVGA iCX Cooling is comprised of multiple patented cooling innovations centered around moving as much heat away from the card and directing airflow towards hotspots. Click here to further explore iCX Cooling.

EVGA iCX Cooling

iCX Technology

EVGA iCX Technology combines a suite of sensors and micro-processing units with the improved iCX Cooling performance to make EVGA iCX the smartest and most efficient cooling package available today. Click here to learn more about iCX Technology.

EVGA iCX Technology

iCX Cooling begins and ends with the goal of removing as much heat as possible from the graphics card and its vital components - without turning your graphics card into a jet engine. Towards this aim, EVGA designed new ways to not only transfer heat away from components, but also purposefully direct airflow towards the hottest areas of the card. While other companies are merely spinning their fans, EVGA and iCX Cooling have taken heatsink engineering to another level.

The new die-cast baseplate and backplate provide direct contact to vital components to ensure that no component gets left behind.

Die-Cast Backplate

A patented Pin Fin design on the baseplate interlaces with L-shaped fins to allow for more heat to be pulled away from the VRAM and PWM. An optimized air flow design uses fin holes to direct airflow, while half open fins maximize airflow.

Optimized Airflow Fin Design and Interlaced Die-Cast Pin Fin Design

EVGA iCX Cooling features optimized swept fan blades, double ball bearings and an extreme low power motor, delivering more air flow with less power, which unlocks additional power for the GPU.

Fan 0 decibel

iCX Technology leverages patented sensors and micro-processing units with Asynchronous fans to interactively-cool your graphics card. With 9 additional thermal sensors on the graphics card, iCX Technology can track emerging hotspots and direct iCX Cooling to beat the heat. Asynchronous fans cool only the areas that need cooling, which keeps your card quieter at all times. Through Precision XOC, you can also monitor every iCX sensor and control each fan. With EVGA iCX Technology, you can let your graphics card worry about its own temperatures for a change and truly enjoy Peace of Mind Gaming.

EVGA's iCX uses a patented 9 sensor design controlled by micro control processors to determine fan speed for the GPU and VRAM/PWM areas.


iCX has 9 thermal sensors and multiple MCUs. All 9 sensors can be displayed in EVGA Precision XOC and OSD.

9 Thermal Sensors

iCX Technology uses Asynchronous fans to only cool the graphics card as needed. These fans spin at different rates, ensuring the correct areas of the card is cooled and reduces noise in the process.

Asynchronous Fan Control

iCX Technology puts your graphics card temperatures in your line of sight. With configurable RGB lighting through Precision XOC, you’ll know the temperature range of your GPU, Power/PWM areas, and VRAM.


Full Control with
EVGA Precision XOC

Precision XOC was born to interact with iCX Technology. By using the iCX sensor information, Precision XOC gives you an unprecedented ability to control fans, monitor temperatures, and adjust the G/P/M LED based on knowledge – not guesswork. Click here to learn more about how Precision XOC interacts with EVGA iCX.


EVGA Precision XOC utilizes the new tools afforded by iCX Technology to monitor every sensor on the graphics card, Asynchronously control the cooling fans, adjust the OSD to show all temperature sensors, and overclock your card for gaming dominance.

Each sensor can be monitored in real-time and displayed on Precision XOC. Keep track of your GPU, Power, and Memory temp while gaming or overclocking!

Full Control With Precision XOC

Control the GPU and Power/Memory fans simultaneously or asyncronously. Create an automatic fan curve for each fan in Precision XOC. Each fan can be set to run at different speeds to keep all areas of your card as cool as possible.

Asynchronous Fan Control

EVGA's iCX is not only smart, but EVGA graphics cards with iCX Technology will also tell you when your card is getting warm. Configure your card with Precision XOC to get this information any way you want it.

Temps At A Glance


EVGA Precision XOC will allow you to personalize your system by synching your RGB LED graphics card with other EVGA devices, such as the EVGA CLC All-In-One coolers. If you'd rather keep your LEDs different colors, well that's cool too. With EVGA RGB LED devices and software, the choice will be yours!

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