EVGA's Advanced RMA Programme

The EVGA Advanced RMA (EAR) Programme protects your product in the case of failure. If something was to go wrong with your EVGA product, the standard RMA process will be accelerated by shipping a replacement product to you first. This will cut down the amount of time your system will be down.

You can decide to do the EVGA Advanced RMA (EAR) at any time within the warranty period of your EVGA product. You will be asked to pay collateral via PayPal, which we will transfer back to you after we receive the original product without damage.

  • The EVGA Advanced RMA is only valid in the EU and the UK, Norway, and Switzerland.
  • EVGA Advanced RMA is not valid in the Middle East, Africa, or India.
  • EVGA Bucks cannot be accepted as collateral.

Here is a short summary on the required steps to follow. Some time is needed to process any RMA request - typically two business days - and this will occur before we ship your replacement product.

  1. Contact technical support to receive a ticket number
  2. Fill out an RMA number request and choose EVGA Advanced RMA (EAR).
  3. Ensure your invoice/proof of purchase is uploaded
  4. Your request for an RMA number will be reviewed within two business days once your invoice/proof of purchase is uploaded.
  5. Upon approval and receipt of an RMA number, you must provide collateral via PayPal. enter collateral
  6. Upon receipt of collateral, EVGA will then ship your replacement product following the terms of your EAR plan.
  7. Upon receipt of your replacement, you will have 30 days to return your original product.
  8. When EVGA receives your original product, your RMA will be closed and we will transfer the collateral back, if your product is received under the standard terms of our warranty limitations.
  9. Products needs be returned within 30 days. Not returning the original product may result in both Serial Numbers of the original and replacment product being flagged on our system at a global level, no further RMAs of any type or Step Up will be possible unless we recieve the original purchased product returned.

EVGA Europe will accept collateral (i.e. a deposit) only via PayPal.

Only one open EAR request is allowed per household at a time.

EAR plans cannot be combined with any other promotions, including EVGA's Step-Up.

Products purchased second hand are not eligible for EVGA's EAR program.

All terms from EVGA's warranty apply to all products using EVGA's Advanced RMA programme.