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Introducing Overclocking Perfection: EVGA GeForce GTX 980 K|NGP|N

- February 1, 2015 — The rumours are true, the world’s most advanced GeForce GTX 980 has arrived. The EVGA GeForce GTX 980 K|NGP|N graphics card is meticulously designed for the extreme overclocker. With a 14+3 power phase design, this new digitally controlled VRM can deliver up to 600A of current, all delivered through 3 power inputs, 8pin + 8pin + 6pin. ACX 2.0+ keeps the card running cool, and the ability to go single slot, (with included single slot bracket) makes this one of the sleekest graphics cards designed to date.

Vince ‘K|NGP|N’ Lucido is an extreme overclocker who has achieved many 3DMark World Records with EVGA hardware. He contributed to the design of the GTX 980 K|NGP|N graphics card with EVGA, and had this to say:

"The power designs for both the GPU and memory on the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 K|NGP|N graphics card should allow some insane overclocking and some of the highest clockspeeds seen to date. Also, with the new multi-colour LED cooler, you can customise the look of the card to fit any system."

Built for Overclocking
· Customisable Lighting – Full colour control allows you to fine tune the LED colours to your liking using EVGA PrecisionX 16.
· 14+3 Phase Fully Digital VRM – Improved efficiency and power capacity and an average of 28C cooler operating temperature.
· Single Slot Ready – Included single slot bracket allows you to convert to a true single slot card with waterblock.
· 12 Layer PCB – Robust PCB layout with extra copper for smooth power delivery.
· ACX 2.0+ Cooling & Metal Shroud – Improved cooling with lower fan power consumption and 400% longer fan lifespan. All surrounded in a premium metal shroud.
· EVBot Onboard – Allows robust tuning and control over all aspects of the graphics card.
· Included Backplate – Built on backplate with backlighting allows full control over brightness and colour.
· MMCP+ – Memory MOSFET cooling plate provides direct contact with memory and MOSFETs reducing temperature. MMCP+ comes in two separate pieces, allowing you to cool the GPU separately while still using the MMCP on the MOSFETs.
· OTS – Onboard thermal sensors allow for automatic realtime extreme overclock tuning to achieve the highest overclocks possible.
· QST – Quick Switch Triple BIOS allows you to switch to the second or third with the flick of a switch.
· SHP – Straight Heat Pipes offer 6% better heat dissipation than bent heat pipes with reduced thermal resistance.
· dBi – EVGA’s ACX 2.0+ fan turns off below 60C generating 0dB of noise.

Learn more about the new EVGA GeForce GTX 980 K|NGP|N graphics card here:

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