EVGA NU Audio - Lifelike Audio

- January 8, 2019 – Introducing the EVGA NU Audio Card

For nearly 20 years, EVGA has built the most powerful graphics cards to play your games at the highest settings, powerful motherboards to run your system at optimal settings, and reliably efficient power supplies to power your system. Now, EVGA extends its enthusiast tradition by partnering with Audio Note (UK), Ltd. to provide the most immersive audio and lifelike gaming experienced on a PC with EVGA NU Audio Card.

Engineered by Audio Note (UK), Ltd.

Audio Note (UK), Ltd. has been in the high-end audio business for over 30 years, making a name for itself by producing a wide variety of analog and digital devices. A core component of Audio Note's philosophy is to research, design, and build its own components - often custom-made for the specific application - without financial limitations to create the finest audio products available. With this in mind, EVGA partnered with Audio Note (UK), Ltd. to select audiophile-grade digital and analog components and carefully craft the NU Audio card.

With the EVGA NU Audio Card you can experience:

  • True Audio - Hear audio as it is
  • Lifelike Gaming - Improved and precise enemy detection, and increased immersion.
  • Studio and Audiophile Grade - Hear all the subtle sounds, emotional dialog, and powerful explosions to keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Ambient RGB Lighting - Set the RGB lighting to match your mood, or use Audio Reactive Lighting options to let your audio control the effect.

A Completely Different Gaming and Multimedia Experience

High-quality audio is built on a simple premise: everything must be solid from start to finish. One weak link in the chain can turn a symphony into a cacophony. The NU Audio Card is designed to maximize the performance in every major component section:

NU Audio Software
From simple volume controls with a sliding headphone amplifier, to creating quick custom EQ profiles, the Nu Audio software avoids the clutter of features that you never use.

  • Audio DSP:
    • XMOS xCORE-200
    • Native DSD Support (up to x256)
  • Output Configuration:
    • 2 Channel (Analog)
    • 5.1 Channel (Digital via S/PDIF)
  • Dynamic Range (DNR) / Signal-to-Noise (SNR):
    • 123dB (Stereo Playback)
    • 121dB (Line-In Recording)
  • Playback Format:
    • Up to 384kHz, 32bit (Stereo)
    • Up to 192kHz, 24bit (Optical)
  • Headphone Amp:
    • 16-600ohm (Independent Analog Control)
      • Maximum Voltage:
        • 8Vrms
      • Maximum Current:
        • 250mA
    • Recording Format:
      • Up to 384kHz, 32bit (Line-In)
      • Up to 192kHz, 24bit (Mic-In)
    • RGB Lighting:
      • 10 - Mode w/ Audio Reactive Lighting
    • I/O:
      • Stereo Out (RCA L/R)
      • Headphone Out (6.3mm)
      • Line-In (3.5mm)
      • Mic-In (3.5mm)
      • Optical Out (TOSLINK Passthrough)
      • Front Panel Header
    • Premium Components:
      • DAC - AKM AK4493
      • ADC - AKM AK5572
      • OP-AMP (Headphone) - ADI OP275
      • OP-AMP (Line Out) - ADI AD8056
      • Capacitors - WIMA, Audio Note(UK), Nichicon
      • Power Regulators - Texas Instruments TPS7A47/TPS7A33 ultralow-noise power solution
    • Switchable OP-AMPs:
      • Headphone, Line out
    • Interface:
      • PCIe x1 Gen2
    • Power Connector:
      • 1x SATA Power
    • Supported OS:
      • Windows 10, 8.1, 7

      Available January 16th, 2019
      Learn more at https://www.evga.com/articles/NU

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