What are EVGA Bucks?

EVGA Bucks are essentially equal to one (1) EURO* and used like a gift certificate in our online store. You can collect them various ways which are listed in detail below. They are non-transferable to other accounts or to real currency and they do not expire. There is no limit on how many EVGA Bucks you can earn or have at any given time - feel free to save them up for as long as you like.

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How do I get EVGA Bucks?

Blue Ribbons

A forum post that is helpful to another member, or answers a question, or even when a member reaches a milestone of some kind all can earn a blue ribbon. A blue ribbon will not only show you have helped the EVGA forum community, but you have also earned 2 EVGA bucks per ribbon. If you see a forum post that should earn a blue ribbon, PM a moderator to let them review it.


Folding@EVGA has several promotions, including one that allows you to earn up to 120 EVGA Bucks per year for participating in Folding@home with Team EVGA. All you have to do is start Folding for team 111065. More details...

EVGA Rewards

If your friend, relative or even a stranger is thinking about upgrading their system you now have some more incentive on top of knowing they will get a quality product. For every product that is registered with your affiliate code you will receive two (2) EVGA bucks, but more importantly you will be entered into a drawing to be randomly selected for a huge prize! More details...

How do I spend EVGA Bucks?

If you have earned EVGA Bucks, you can spend them in our online store. Choose all of the products you wish to purchase, at the end of the check out process, before you submit to pay, you will see the option to add all or some of your EVGA bucks to your order. You will see the EVGA Bucks once you have added it in the line-by-line list of everything you are paying for.

  • EVGA Bucks are not redeemable for cash or credit
  • EVGA Bucks can only be used on the EVGA.com website for new and recertified product purchases
  • EVGA Bucks cannot be used to purchase shipping, EAR, step-up or other exclusive EVGA programs
  • Awarding EVGA Bucks is subject to verification of your account validity
  • EVGA Bucks can never be transfered to another account
  • EVGA Bucks cannot be used for preorders.

* Exchange rates may change value of EVGA Bucks to EURO ratio