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EVGA Bucks for Cash Program!

June 13, 2022 - The EVGA Bucks program was introduced exactly 19 years ago and has awarded millions of EVGA Bucks to thousands of members. This program was designed to incentivize the community to participate and support fellow EVGA forum members. EVGA has decided to sunset the program, but in a way that will allow members to select their preferred benefits, including cash conversion. Here are the options:

  • Members can continue to use EVGA Bucks for any eligible purchase through and including orders placed and paid for on or before September 13, 2022; OR
  • Members may exchange all of their EVGA Bucks for U.S. dollars at the rate of 2:1 (2 EVGA Bucks/1 U.S. Dollar) (“Tender”). Example, 600 EVGA Bucks may be tendered for $300; OR
  • Members can also donate their EVGA Bucks (at the same Tender rate) to one of the charities that EVGA has worked with: Cat House on the Kings or St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Example, 50 EVGA Bucks will result in a $25 donation.

The EVGA Bucks Tender offer will be open until September 13, 2022 5:00 PM PDT. EVGA Bucks not subject to Tender or used by September 13, 2022 5:00 PM PDT will be voided.

Payments due to members electing to Tender will be made by EVGA exclusively through PayPal, net of PayPal handling fees. Members electing to Tender must have a valid PayPal account. Payments will be processed not later than October 13, 2022.

Any member that elects to Tender must complete the forms below.

EVGA Bucks subject to Tender will be removed from member accounts upon completed election.

Must be logged in to see and complete form

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