EVGA P55 and Intel SSD Promotion

A new contest for our French speaking community has come! Enter now to win an Intel SSD or EVGA P55 motherboard! The Intel SSD is a reliable sotrage solution and when combined with an EVGA P55 motherboard you will see a real breakthrough in performance. To join, simply register as a member on our website, then fill out a quick survey on the French article. A random drawing will pull from those that answer correctly. The contest will be open from April 16th through April 8th 2010 and is open to the US, Canada and France.


  • Intel® X25-M 160 GB x 1
  • Intel® X25-M 80 GB x 2
  • Intel® X25-V 40 GB x 2
  • EVGA P55 FTW x 1
  • EVGA P55V x 1

Prizes will be announced on this page as well as the French article on May 12th 2010 by 12PM Pacfic time. If you are listed as a winner, you must contact webmaster@evga.com within 14 days of the winners being annouced to claim your prize.

Terms and conditions:

Intel SSD Promotion

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