The EVGA SR-X Classified

Key Features-

Chipset - Intel C606

SLI - 4-Way

SATA - Native 3/6G

SAS - Native 3G

Memory Support - 12 DIMM Quad-Channel DDR3 1600MHz+ (Up to 96GB)

PCI-E Slots - 7 PCI-E 3.0 16/8x slots

Capacitors - 100% POSCAP

Form Factor - HPTX

Ethernet - Gigabit Intel NIC

Internal I/O+

3x USB 2.0 Headers

1x USB 3.0 Headers

4x SATA 3G Ports

2x SATA 6G Ports

2x Mini SAS Ports

1x 1394b Firewire Header

External I/O+

4x Rear Panel USB 2.0 Ports

6x Rear Panel USB 3.0 Ports

8x Channel Audio + Optical

Dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet

2x E-SATA Ports


300% More Gold Content

2x6 Phase PWM

Onboard Bluetooth

PCI-E Disable Switches

E-LEET Tuning Utility Support

Triple BIOS Support

EZ Voltage Read Points

Onboard CPU Temp Monitor

Passive Chipset Heatsink

8+6PIN CPU Power

100% POSCAP Capacitors

DIMM Disable Switches

Chipset and Bus Details

The EVGA SR-X uses the Intel® C606 chipset. This chipset has native SATA 6G and SAS.

Only Xeon® E5 Class Socket 2011 CPUs are compatible. It IS NOT compatible with Core i5/Core i7 CPUs. Please visit our CPU Support Page for details.

The EVGA SR-X motherboard supports PCI-E 3.0 performance via a PLX PCI-E 3.0 certified bridge chip. This allows the SR-X to populate all PCI-E 3.0 slots at the maximum bandwidth possible. The PCI-E lane configuration is as follows:

  • 1 Card: x16
  • 2 Cards: x16 - x16
  • 3 Cards: x16 - x16 - x16
  • 4 Cards: x16 - x16 - x8 - x8


The EVGA SR-X is the ultimate motherboard for the performance user. We're talking dual CPU socket 2011 CPUs with support for up to 32 threads of CPU horse power, support for 1600MHz+ of DDR3 and graphics slot expansion for up to 4-Way SLI.

This makes the EVGA SR-X motherboard the ultimate platform for extreme gamers, power users, workstation, server admin, folder/cruncher, or just an extreme PC enthusiast.

Oh, and did we mention that this board also has full support for SATA 6G and USB 3.0? These latest technologies combined give you the ultimate high performance motherboard!


This motherboard is loaded. Native support for SATA 6G, SAS support that offers 8 additional SAS or SATA drives, USB 3.0, onboard Bluetooth and dual Intel Gigabit NICs. Of course this board gives you all the other features EVGA is known for, a robust CPU PWM, triple BIOS support, EZ Voltage read points and 100% POSCAP Capacitors.

In fact, the board is so feature packed that we literally created a new form factor for a beast of this kind, HPTX. Make sure to check the list of officially supported chassis.

The PCI-E layout is setup to give you the maximum bandwidth available with a large number of cards at full PCI-E 3.0 specs.

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EVGA customer support has been offering unmatchable support in U.S. and Europe for years. Our associates are gamers, overclockers, system builders, and overall enthusiasts. This is why we can relate better with our customers. We know when new drivers, patches, updates, and new game releases. All EVGA Support Agents have real hands on experience with EVGA products and stay up to date with new technology as it comes out.

  • We request feedback and ask for comments to help improve our service as a TEAM.
  • Have an elite team of specialists that not only know the products, but use them as well.
  • EVGA's average phone answering time is less than 3 minutes, and our advanced queuing phone system will even allow you to leave if desired*
  • Email support and follow up with all email requests with a turnaround time averaging less than 24 hours.
  • Offers one of the only forums out there moderated by EVGA Support Agents that provide help and support aside from our 24/7 customer support services.

EVGA strives to show the customer that we mean business in all aspects of support with multiple features to help assure that the EVGA product in the box, on the shelf, and at the store, is packed with more than just another computer component, but a wide variety of services, support, promotions, and trust that the customer will have a community to share in.




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