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The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt marks a new era in the RPG genre with truly next-generation visual fidelity, over 100 hours of immersive gameplay, and more than 36 alternate endings. Experience this epic journey set in a graphically stunning open world, where every choice has its consequences.

With GeForce GTX, you’ll discover new levels of realism, including NVIDIA HairWorks and NVIDIA APEX™ clothing and destruction that bring the gigantic and limitless world of the Northern Kingdoms to life.

Enjoy The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt The Way It’s Meant to be Played – FREE*.

*Valid only while supplies last for the product models listed below and the product must be purchased from EU.EVGA.com or a participating partner on or after 10 March 2015.

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Participating Partners

If you purchased your graphics card from a participating partner, please contact them directly if you did not receive your game code.

  • Agito Agito
  • Alternate.de Alternate.de
  • Alternate.nl Alternate.nl
  • Alza.cz Alza.cz
  • aria.co.uk aria.co.uk
  • Atelco Atelco
  • Caseking Caseking
  • Cdiscount Cdiscount
  • Cyberport Cyberport
  • Czech Computer Czech Computer
  • dabs.com dabs.com
  • Drako.it Drako.it
  • Ebuyer ebuyer
  • Inet Inet
  • iPon iPon
  • Jimm's Jimm's
  • kiebel kiebel
  • Komputronik Komputronik
  • Materiel.net Materiel.net
  • Morele.net Morele.net
  • NetOnNet NetOnNet
  • Novatech Novatech
  • Overclockers UK Overclockers UK
  • PC Garage PC Garage
  • Proshop.dk Proshop.dk
  • PROstore PROstore
  • Rue du Commerce Rue du Commerce
  • Scan Scan
  • Top Achat Top Achat
  • Vatan Computer Vatan Computer
  • Webhallen Sweden Webhallen Sweden
  • WESTech WESTech


  • Purchase any graphics card from the qualifying list above on or after 10 March 2015 from EVGA.com
  • Register your EVGA Graphics Card with us at EVGA.com
  • Upload your invoice to the EVGA card that qualifies for this promotion
  • Request your code from the form while logged into your EVGA.com account
  • Your purchase invoice will be reviewed once your request is received (Please allow 1-3 business days for processing)
  • Once approved your code will show on this promotion page under the "Collect Your Code" section
  • Go to http://www.GeForce.com/GetTheWitcher3
  • Follow the instructions to claim your redemption code
  • Offer available for a limited time or while supplies last

If the bundle is not showing after successfully registering your EVGA product to your EVGA account, then it is possible that you did not purchase your product from the EVGA online store.

Please contact your participating place of purchase if you did not receive a code upon receiving your product.

Products received through the EVGA Step-Up® program are not eligible for this promotion.

If you believe this is an error, please contact us for assistance by email or by phone at 1-888-881-3842 Option 1.

Valid only for purchases on or after 10 March 2015

Please visit the below link to see a list of other resellers that are participating in this promotion. (Please note that the code should be supplied directly from the reseller upon purchase or shortly thereafter. Please contact the reseller if further support is needed.)