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Benchmark Reviews

8.25 out of 10 - Benchmark Reviews

"Performance was perfectly acceptable when working with documents, email, folders, and light web browsing in both configurations."

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5/5 (French) - OvercleX

Case and Cooling (French)

Silver Award (French) - Case and Cooling (French)

"High-end, a performer, and with a high reputation, EVGA scores numerous points with this product."

EVGA X58 SLI Classified - Back to top

OverclockingStation (German)

EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SLI - OverclockingStation (German)

"The 4-Way SLI X58 Classified (E762) by EVGA gets a Gold Award and the TOP HARDWARE Award."

EVGA P55 SLI FTW 200 - Back to top

OverclockingStation (German)

Gold Award - Top Hardware (German) - OverclockingStation (German)

"Gold Hardware Award"

EVGA P55 SLI FTW - Back to top

Legit Reviews

- Legit Reviews

"The winner, due to it catering to exactly what I enjoy, is the EVGA P55 FTW."

Editors Choice - Techgage

"Hands down, the P55 FTW is best P55 motherboard I've reviewed to date, and if I were to go out right now and pick out such a board for a personal LGA1156 rig, this is the one I'd pick up."

- Anandtech

"Hold our feet to the fire and we will tell you that of all the boards we tested, the most consistent performer was the $230 EVGA P55 FTW SLI E657 (using a Tyco AMP Socket). At its price point, theres nothing available on the P55 platform that truly beats it for raw overclocking capabilities."
59 Hardware (French)

Coup de Coeur - 59 Hardware (French)

"In conclusion of this group test, our sudden impulse is EVGA 657 FTW which seems to be the best compromise in high end P55 range."

Furious 5 of 5 - Ninjalane

"The EVGA P55 FTW is a high-end mainstream motherboard designed for the enthusiast looking to get the very most from their system without a ton of extras. This is evident in many of the features found on this motherboard starting with the expansion slot layout."
Hi Tech Legion

Editors Choice - Hi Tech Legion

"What can I say about performance, other than awesome. The EVGA P55 FTW did an excellent job of pulling some great results throughout the benchmarks and was a serious piece of hardware for overclocking."
Hardware Canucks

- Dam Good Hardware - Award - Hardware Canucks

"In terms of features it is hard to think of anything which is lacking. The ECP V2 allows everyone from enthusiasts to have a good amount of control over important aspects of overclocking and E-LEET gives you some great software monitoring / tweaking in a convenient Windows environment."

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59 Hardware (French)

Coup de Coeur (French) - 59 Hardware (French)

"A very high end product with few friendly innovations like EVGA embedded Show volt dedicated to geeks like us. The EVGA Classified is more stable because of high end Classified components like the amount of gold of socket"
Hardware Canucks

- Dam Good Hardware - / - Dam Innovative Award - - Hardware Canucks

"...we are giving the EVGA P55 Classified 200 our Dam Good & Dam Innovative award. How can a motherboard with an onboard digital multimeter not qualify for that?"

Gold Award - TechREACTION

"The EVGA P55 Classified certainly lives up to its name and provides everything you need to max out your components. The board also has many great features that come in handy even if you are the most extreme overclocker."
Nokytech (French)

Golden Award - Nokytech (French)

"Pro : Finishing & overall performances, exclusives features (layout, 3waySLI, EVbot, voltpoints etc)"

Top Hardware - Ocaholic

"If you plan on doing overclocking the EVGA P55 Classified 200 is definitely the motherboard you should choose regarding socket 1156. No other board runs that stable at ultra high BLCK clock rates."

Furious 5 of 5 - Ninjalane

"Overclocking on the P55 Classified 200 was extremely fun and allowed us to push our Core i5 processor up to 4.3GHz with relative ease and ran stable throughout our entire testing process."

Hot Product - Motherboards.org

"The overclocker will love all of the attention to detail EVGA brings to the table in the form of voltage control points and an onboard CPU temperature reader."

EVGA P55 SLI - Back to top

Nokytech (French)

Golden Award - Nokytech (French)

"Pro: Outlook, Finishing, Friendly, reading points, OC Potential for a middle end card, ELEET & Bios."
59 Hardware (French)

Coup de Coeur (French) - 59 Hardware (French)

"Pros: ELEET, OC performance, Dual 775/1156 support, SLI/CrossFire/PCIE support"

EVGA H55 V - Back to top

Hi Tech Legion

Editors Choice - Hi Tech Legion

"The EVGA H55V was rock solid and performed very well. Using the IGP, it produced admirable HTPC numbers. Using an installed GPU, it turned into a gaming performer."

EVGA H55 - Back to top


Bronze - OCIA.net

"In the general scope of things, the EVGA H55 was a pleasant board to work with and has a lot going for it."
Overclockers Tech

Silver Award - Overclockers Tech

"If you are looking for an entry level socket 1156 motherboard that is packed with features and has the ability to be upgraded to meet your desires, then the EVGA H55 should be near the top of your list."

EVGA GTX 480 FTW - Back to top

Hot Hardware

Hot Hardware Recommended - Hot Hardware

"...if you are in the market for a watercooled GF100 with sexy lines, cool temps, ridiculous overclocking headroom, and remarkable performance, we highly recommend the Hydro Copper FTW GTX 480."

EVGA GTX 470 - Back to top

Hardware Canucks

- Dam Innovative - Award - Hardware Canucks

"The real selling point of this card is its ability to effectively lower core temperatures without making any needless changes to what is already an extremely capable heatsink design. With the simple addition of an aluminum backplate and high airflow bracket we saw what amounted to a significant drop in temperatures."
Toxico-PC (Spanish)

Great Product - Toxico-PC (Spanish)

"...the EVGA GTX 470 has what it takes to be a success, and more too."

EVGA GTX 465 - Back to top

Legit Reviews

- Legit Reviews

"...the EVGA GeForce GTX 465 SC Edition did lead on all of the benchmark scores, thanks to the EVGA GeForce GTX 465 SC Edition coming from the factory with clocks already boosted."
Hot Hardware

Hot Hardware Approved - Hot Hardware

"For under $300, the GeForce GTX 465 performs well and offers support for DX11 and all of NVIDIA's proprietary technologies like PhysX, 3D Vision, and CUDA. "

EVGA GTX 460 - Back to top


Must Have - KitGuru

"For now, Jen Hsun and Co should pat themselves on the back and enjoy what EVGA has done for them with this stunningly good card. Superclocked, 768MB EVGA GTX460? It rocks!"
Hot Hardware

Hot Hardware Recommended - Hot Hardware

"The GeForce GTX 460 is simply one of the most appealing DirectX 11-class graphics cards out there."

Recommended - Top Pick - Guru3D

"...still that didn't stop us from overclocking it manually with eVGA's Precision software, the end results were quite flabbergasting really, really high overclocks and performance with the cheapest SKU out there. It shows what great products eVGA brings to the market."
nV News

- nV News

"Simply put, this is an amazing card."

Hexus Recommended - Hexus

"In fact, we reckon it's the least-noisy card in the entire line-up - some feat for a Fermi product. Temperatures, too, are excellent."
Hi Tech Legion

Editors Choice - Hi Tech Legion

"Hats off to EVGA and NVIDIA; they have made overclocking a video card fun again."

Recommended - Fudzilla

"EVGA GTX 460 Superclocked offers excellent overclocking potential without stressing your cooler and adding noise, but you won't make a mistake if you choose the reference model either, as it too can easily be overclocked to at least 800MHz."

Recommended - Guru3D

"Very little negative can be said about the GeForce GTX 460 768MB setup in SLI."
Nordichardware (Swedish)

Recommended - Nordichardware (Swedish)

"Translated: It is clear however that the GF104 is the "Fermi done right..."

- Anandtech

Hardware Canucks

- Dam Good Value - Award - Hardware Canucks

"On its own the EVGA Superclocked is a great product that gives a nice bump in actual gameplay framerates and using a pair of them will result in simply jaw dropping capabilities without a massive investment"
PC Space (Slovak)

Top Product - PC Space (Slovak)

"Translated: Excellent Price/Performance , cooling , overclocking potential..."
Legit Reviews

Editors Choice - Legit Reviews

"The EVGA GeForce GTX 460 768MB SuperClocked video card was found to be 6-11% faster than the NVIDIA reference design."

92% - Firingsquad

"Free enthusiast graphics utilities. By providing Precision and OC Scanner, EVGA empowers do-it-yourselfers to squeeze every last bit of performance out of their GPU."

EVGA GTX 275 CO-OP - Back to top

Benchmark Reviews

Silver Tachometer Award - Benchmark Reviews

"...the EVGA GTX 275 CO-OP PhysX Edition is a good value selling for $349.99 at NewEgg ($329 after rebate). It's hard to find real bargains in high-end video cards these days, with most manufacturer partners selling similar cards at similar prices, but this card certainly qualifies."
X-bit Labs

- X-bit Labs

"Summing it up, the EVGA GeForce GTX 275 CO-OP PhysX is an exciting product. We have never tested anything of its kind before."

EVGA GT 240 - Back to top


Home Run Hardware - NVNews.net

"The EVGA GeForce GT 240 has proven that it can play games and would be a great addition to any HTPC or high end machine that needs a PhysX boost. And at $99, this graphics card is sure to be a winner."